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Guides and Checklist


Product Certification Guide for FCC, ISED, CE, RED, JP, MIC, and International Homologation

FCC/ISED Canada 

Checklist and Information for FCC/ISED Certification Applications


Application Guide for Certification

Forms and Letters


Credit Card Payment Form


Form 731 for FCC Applications
Macro free .docx version intended for recent versions of Word
posted 8/28/2020

Form Letters for FCC Applications as a single document: FCC Letters
posted 4/22/2021

Form Letters for FCC Applications as individual documents:
Authorization Letter – posted 4/22/2021
Confidentiality Letter – posted 4/22/2021

FCC Modular Device Approval Letter (as needed)
posted 7/13/2020

ISED Canada (formerly Industry Canada)

Note: The ISED/IC Application Form currently available on the ACB website has been modified to include the REL listing acknowledgement. As a result, when using current versions of the Form, it is no longer necessary to submit a separate REL Listing acknowledgement letter.

ISED/IC Application form
posted 3/10/2021

Test Report Cover Sheet
posted 6/16/2021

Modular Device Approval Attestation Annex D (as needed)
posted 9/16/2016

All Application form Letters for ISED (formerly Industry Canada) as a single document
IC Letters
posted 10/28/2021

All Application form Letters for ISED (formerly Industry Canada) as individual documents:
Application Cover Letter posted 10/28/2021
Authority Letter posted 10/28/2021
Canadian Rep Letter posted 10/28/2021
Confidentiality Letter posted 10/28/2021
RSS-102 Attestation posted 10/28/2021

UKCA – United Kingdom Conformity Assessment Services

UKCA Application Form
posted 5/5/2021

European Radio Equipment Directive Notified Body Services 

Review and Certificate – RED
posted 1/9/2018

European EMC Notified Body Services 

Review and Certificate – EMCD
posted 6/23/2016

Radio Equipment Directive Declaration of Conformity
2014/53/EU DoC

Example of Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
posted 8/18/2017

NB applications authorization letter template

ACB NB Application Form Letters NB Authority Letter.doc
posted 9/13/2017


Application Form – posted 5/24/2018

Application Form Letters – version date 1/27/2011

Statement of Quality System and Confirmation Method Example

Technical Type Specification Form #1#2#3#4#5

Form 1: Land Mobile
Form 2: Radio Navigation/Radio Location
Form 3: Specified Low Power Datacomm, WiLAN*
Form 4: Amateur and 27, 150, 400, 900 MHz
Form 5: Earth Station (fixed and portable)

*Note: Certain devices in this category must also comply with Japan Telecommunications Business Law. Please contact ACB for assistance.

Search for Certified Devices for Japan

Hong Kong

Form Letters for HK Approvals – Authority Letter

Common Documents

ISED Canada (formerly Industry Canada) Certification Summary

ACB’s Review Policy and Procedure

SAR Reminder Sheet

Example DFS passive scan letter

EU Radio Equipment Directive (RED) Harmonized Standards

American Certification Body (ACB) Memorandums

FCC and ISED Labeling Format – FCC and ISED Labeling Format
posted 4/17/2019

How to Obtain FCC Grantee Codes and Canada CN Numbers – FCC / ISED – Grantee Code & CN Codes
posted 4/5/2018

How to Make Grantee Code Information Changes – Grantee Code Changes FCC
posted 3/16/2020

Short Term Confidentiality – Short Term Vs Standard Confidentiality Memo
posted 4/5/2018

Test Reports and Test Data Acceptance for Certification

View the details of test report and test data acceptance.

TCB Code of Practice

Visit the site for more info about the Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB) program.


Certification Resources and Links to Standards

ACB Credentials

American Certification Body, Inc. Credentials and Certificates