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Tools for FCC Testing and Certification

These FCC Rule Part limit calculators are provided for convenience. They are intended to help with FCC Testing and FCC Certifications. Please contact us if you have any questions about testing, certification or approvals.

Disclaimer: This page presents calculators and tools. They are meant to illustrate concepts only. If there are any discrepancies between the values calculated in this program and that of the FCC rule parts the FCC rule parts will always take precedence.

Limit Calculators for FCC Rule Parts

FCC Rule Part 15.209
FCC Rule Part 15.231a
FCC Rule Part 15.231e

Restricted Bands

Check a frequency against 15.205

FCC Rule Part 15.205 

FCC Website Links

Read more about these Rule Parts directly at the FCC website.

FCC Rule Part 15.205
FCC Rule Part 15.209
FCC Rule Part 15.231

Table of Frequency Allocations

Wikipedia Link

The Radio Spectrum Frequency Allocation Chart

United States Frequency Allocations Chart

Frequency Allocation Chart