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Certification Team in the USA

American Certification Body (ACB) USA has a diverse team of world renowned industry experts. We specialize in Wireless Device Certification. Contact ACB

ACB North America

Tim Johnson is Senior Certification Engineer for American Certification Body and an iNARTE Certified Engineer (for both EMC and Wireless Device Certification Professional disciplines).  Tim has been with ACB since November 2001.  Tim has over twenty eight years in the testing and certification industry and has reviewed and certified thousands of devices across the technology spectrum. He has developed techniques and procedures for Energy Star, FCC, Industry Canada, Hong Kong and Japan MIC requirements. He launched American Certification Body’s operation in Taiwan and has overseen audit and surveillance programs and contributed to Quality System for compliance with ISO Guide 65 for Certification Bodies.  Tim has also served as member of the TCB council Executive Board from 2007 to 2009 and TCB council Education Committee member for several years thereafter.

Doug Noble is an Examining Engineer with over 20 years of experience responsible with technical reviews, authorization of grants and TCB activities of submittals to the FCC, ISED, and Japan via the TCB route for wireless TX and electronic devices. Doug has extensive background in Spread Spectrum, digital transmission systems and frequency hoppers, and is versed in licensed transmitters Part 90, 80, 22, 24, 15 and all related KDB guidance associated with either licensed or unlicensed transmitters.  He has been involved in developing checklists for technical documentation and other technical related quality work, and has attended audits for Guide 65 and 17025. He facilitated the issuing of grants/certifications for over 3,428 applications as of November 2014 and also has participated in ACB’s post grant sample audit program to meet FCC/ISED requirements, which received high praise from accreditors. Doug has had a high degree of contact with FCC, ISED, laboratories and clients, and dealing with a virtual based distributed company.

In April 2015, Gregory Czumak joined American Certification Body as a Regulatory Review Engineer. Greg started in the FCC’s OET Laboratory Equipment Authorization Branch in 1989, eventually leaving the Commission to enter the newly forming TCB community in 2000, in which he has been an active member since its inception. He has over 30 years of hands-on experience in equipment authorization, including compliance testing, FCC Rulemakings, development of test procedures, and application review of cutting edge technologies, from the introduction of Spread Spectrum and Bluetooth to the latest 4G/5G/mmW systems. Greg currently serves as the Chairman of the TCB Council’s Board of Directors.

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