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Seminars – Training for FCC Certification

Our seminars are presented to designers, developers and testers of wireless products. As the technologies evolve, the regulations for measurement and certification of wireless products are constantly evolving and creating challenges for electronics industry. Keeping abreast of these changes and the nuances of the regulations is critical for speeding electronics products’ time-to-market. Fierce competition from rival developers creates additional pressure to design the devices for compliance with the regulatory requirements and “getting it right the first time.”

New spectrum and services are being allocated in the US and abroad as the demand for higher speed and multi-point access to information pushes developers to create highly integrated products. Exotic, broadband modulation techniques cram more bits-per-hertz into the allocated spectrum. As it is not uncommon to find multiple-transmitter devices, the challenge to certify these devices creates issues dealing with radiation hazards, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and certification strategies.

Our Lecturers have a wealth of experience and information in the field of product certification and will share their perspective and insight on the regulations and evolving requirements for radio frequency systems.

This goal of these seminars is to present the latest information on these evolving requirements and to give attendees better understanding of the processes and procedures for approving Wireless equipment.

Who Should Attend?

Engineers, program managers, test technicians and regulatory personnel working in EMC, Radio and telecommunications testing and Regulatory Compliance for North America and Europe as well as test, design and development engineers and technicians will benefit from receiving the latest in critical updates on test methodology.

Learn the FCC Certification Requirements

Learn the latest FCC and ISED Canada Rules and Regulations

Hear from the experts on FCC and ISED interpretations

Understand the requirements of the European RED / EMC and discuss recent activity.

Interact and exchange with your colleagues in the compliance/regulatory industry

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