Unlicensed Use of the 6 GHz Band
Expanding Flexible Use in Mid-Band Spectrum Between 3.7 and 24 GHz

SUMMARY: The Federal Communications Commission (Commission) explores additional steps it could take and rules it could modify to provide more utility for very low power (VLP) unlicensed devices. Specifically, the Commission seeks comment on permitting higher-power VLP devices under a two-tiered system where those higher-powered devices would be permitted to operate only in locations where the potential for causing harmful interference to incumbent operations remains insignificant.

The Commission’s decision provides a balance between accommodating these new and novel devices to deliver innovative applications to the American public now and taking a judicious approach toward modifying the rules to provide even more robust use at most locations. The Commission also seeks comment on VLP device requirements and limits for operation in the U–NII–6 (6.425–6.525 GHz) and U–NII–8 (6.875–7.125 GHz) bands.

DATES: Comments are due on or before March 27, 2024, and reply comments are due on or before April 26, 2024.


FCC 征求关于Unlicensed Use of the 6 GHz Band; and Expanding Flexible Use in MidBand Spectrum Between 3.7 and 24 GHz 的意见,截止时间为2024年4月26日。

Cybersecurity Labeling Program for Smart Products

For Immediate Release:

WASHINGTON, February 21, 2024—Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel today announced that the Commission will vote at its March 14, 2024, Open Meeting on creating a voluntary cybersecurity labeling program for wireless consumer Internet of Things (“IoT”) products.  

U.S. Cyber Trust Mark Program Would Help Consumers Make Informed Purchasing Decisions and Encourage Manufacturers to Meet Higher Cybersecurity Standards

Public Draft: Pdf


FCC Expands Opportunities for Wireless Microphone Users

The Commission revises the technical rules for Part 74 low-power auxiliary station devices to permit a recently developed type of wireless microphone system.

Report and Order: Pdf / News Release: Pdf / Rosenworcel Statement: Pdf


General Requirements for Compliance of Interference Causing Equipment

Interference-Causing Equipment Standard ICES-GEN, Issue 2 – General Requirements for Compliance of Interference-Causing Equipment which sets the general requirements applicable to interference-causing equipment. Changes from Issue 1 include new and revised definitions; new calibration requirements; clarifications on requirements applicable to host equipment, accessories, user manual, and labeling; and a simplified ISED label.

This document is now official and available on the Published Documents page of the Spectrum Management and Telecommunications website.

ISED 于2月24日发布ICES-GEN, Issue 2

近期 FCC KDB更新

Publication NumberQuestionAnswer
511808What are the procedures for getting an Equipment authorization for Part 90 subpart M and Part 95 Subpart L devices using C-V2X systems for named entities under a waiver.The Attachment, 511808 D01 C-V2X Waiver v01, below provides administrative and technical guidance for the specific grantees named below to obtain a grant of certification under Part 2 subpart J. Waivers: FCC DA 23-343 and modified by DA 23-586.