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CCC Mark Certification for China

Our offices in Beijing can assist you with CCC Mark Certification for China.

CCC means “China Compulsory Certificate”. It is a compulsory certification for electronic products imported, sold, or used in the China market. The certification scheme evaluates both product safety and EMC compliance. It was implemented on May 1, 2002 and became fully effective on August 1, 2003. Over the years, there are some changes and updates regarding the product scope as well as the implementation rules.


Certification Scheme

Depending on the categories of product issued by announcement (No. 44), the certification scheme can be Self- Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) scheme (based on CNCA announcement (No. 44), dated October 17th, 2019).

依据CNCA 2019年第44号公文,适用强制性产品认证自我声明评价方式的产品,只能采用自我声明评价(SDoC)方式

1.) SDoC: Involves declaring compliance via CNCA SDoC online portal; demonstration of manufacturing facility quality control is done via self-conducted factory inspection or 3rd party inspection. Validity lasts 10 years.
自我声明:通过“自我声明符合性信息报送系统”(;其中产品生产质量的控制是通过工厂自行检查或第三方检查来完成的。 有效期为10年。

Procedure A: Test conducted by self-selected lab + SDoC (applicable to 7 types of products)


Procedure B: Test conducted by designated lab + SDoC (applicable to 12 types of products)


The SDoC regulation link:

2. Approved by Certificate Body: The most up-to-date product category list covering the applicable types of products and their associated certification schemes is listed in the latest announcement #18, 2020 by CNCA, dated April 28th, 2020.
According to the announcement, a total of 17 product categories covering 103 types of products are under the CCC certification scope.
依据CNAS 2020年第18号公文,为进一步深化强制性产品认证制度改革,市场监管总局(认监委)根据历次强制性产品认证目录调整情况,在不改变强制性产品认证实施范围的基础上,对目录内部分产品种类进行归并和优化。优化后的强制性产品认证目录共17大类103种产品

Required Documents

  1. Application form / SDoC form
  2. Product manual in simplified Chinese
  3. Schematics
  4. Labelling design
  5. OEM/ODM agreement
  6. Critical component list (EMC+SAFETY)
  7. Factory self-inspection report

CCC Exemption

According to announcement (2019) #153 dated May 09, 2019, component/products to be used for certain applications are exempt from CCC certification.

  1. Products and samples used for scientific research, testing, and certification testing.
  2. Spare component / products directly for end-user maintenance purposes.
  3. Spare component (excluding office supplies) and equipment necessary for supporting the factory production line / complete production line.
  4. Products used only for commercial display but not for sale.
  5. Parts imported for the purpose of exporting the whole machine.
  6. Other situations exempted from compulsory product certification for special purposes.

(一) 为科研、测试和认证检测所需的产品和样品。
(二) 直接为最终用户维修目的所需的零部件/产品。
(三) 工厂生产线/成套生产线配套所需的设备/零部件(不含办公用品)。
(四) 仅用于商业展示但不销售的产品。
(五) 以整机全数出口为目的进口的零部件。
(六) 其他因特殊用途免予办理强制性产品认证的情形。