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Hong Kong RF Product Approvals

For RF Product Approvals, Hong Kong operates a separate certification program than China and does not have provisions for mutual recognition with China.  This is based on agreements between the UK and China from 1984 that became affective in 1997 that promised for 50 years that China would keep a high degree of autonomy on all matters except foreign and defense affairs.

Before establishment of the Communications Authority (CA) in April 1, 2012, Hong Kong’s specifications were prescribed by the Telecommunication Authority (TA) and the specifications were referred to as HKTA specifications.  However since April 1, 2012, revised specifications are now referred to as HKCA specifications.  Documents that may not yet be revised may still cite HKTA, but  are considered acceptable.

Many of the standards for Hong Kong are voluntary, however depending on the devices use there may be a need to have certification from the buyer, installer, integrator, or  telecom connection owner.

ACB operates under section 32E of the Telecommunications Ordinance where the Communications Authority (CA) may accredit organizations under something known as the HKTEC scheme for the purpose of carrying out testing and/or certifying equipment against prescribed specifications by the CA. ACB, Inc. has been recognized by OFCA under Phase II of hte APEC Tel MRA for a scope that covers most low power and Cellular RF devices.  Our full recognized scope for Hong Kong may be viewed under our Credentials and Certificates.

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