Throwback Thursday

Mike Violette

Jerry and I were trying to raise some business in Cairo a half-dozen years ago. At the time, China produced millions of “2G” phones and sold them into developing countries, like Egypt, where the market price for these devices were around $30. Egyptians could afford the phones and low-budget service plans. The Egyptian government was requiring certification to make sure that the devices worked, protecting the countries consumer base.

So we took a look. After a conference in Dresden, I met Jerry in dizzying Cairo (and took a ride with Sam the Camel Man). Then, being in the neighborhood, traveled to amazing Israel and caught up with Issa the taxi driver. If you care to click on, you’ll find out how Saddam Hussein did Issa a solid.

Here is today’s Throwback.

Necropoli – A Tale of Three Cities

Mike Violette

Dresden, Germany was nearly obliterated seventy years ago in a late-in-the-war incendiary attack. Four thousand five hundred years prior, the Great Pyramids were raised on the plain of Giza. Jerusalem was raised, razed, rebuilt, and traded hands many times in the past three millennia. These cities have all been the sites of wondrous things and terrible things and, like many old cities, the present is built on the bones of the past. Nothing is forever, as we all know, but some human behaviors are eternal.

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