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European Union Notice:

The EU officially releases eco-design and energy labeling regulations for mobile phones and tablets.

欧盟正式发布手机和平板电脑的生态设计和能源标签法规 针对手机和

平板电脑的生态设计法规 (EU)2023/1670和能源标签法规 (EU)2023/1669,已 于2023年8月31日正式在欧盟公报OJ上发布。该法规是根据欧盟生态设计指令2009/125/EC 和欧盟能源标签法规 (EU)2017/1369的要求制定的,两部法规已于OJ公布20天后正式生 效,并于2025年6月20号强制执行。

The following pieces of legislation have been published in the OJEU:

  • Commission Delegated Regulation on energy labeling of smartphones and slate tablets.
  • Commission Delegated Regulation on eco-design requirements for smartphones, mobile phones other than smartphones, cordless phones, and slate tablets.

The requirements will enter into application as of 20 June 2025.

The following link is to a 232 page document, the relevant pages are from L 214/9 to L 214/93.

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ISED Publication:

RSS-182 Issue 6

ISED 发布RSS-182 ISSUE 6,针对在156-162.5 MHz频段运行的海事无线电设备

ISED has published RSS-182 Issue 6

Notice 2023-DRS0012 – Publication of Radio Standards Specification RSS-182, Issue 6, Amendment 1, “Maritime Radio Equipment Operating in the 156-162.5 MHz Band”, which sets out the requirements for certification of radio equipment used for maritime service in the 156-162.5 MHz band.

Updates are made to section 3.2.3 of the standard to no longer require an acceptance letter from Transport Canada for Portable VHF Radiotelephones (voice only). Read More

FCC KDB Updates:

Questions and Answers



What is a Grantee Code, what are the guidelines for acquiring a Grantee Code, modifying Grantee Code information, transferring control of a Grantee Code and recovering a lost Grantee Code registration number?


Attachment 204515 D01 Grantee Codev01r04 pro-vides guidance for: (1) What is a Grantee Code; (2) Acquiring a Grantee Code; (3) Modifying information associated with a Grantee Code; and (4) Recovering a lost Grantee Code Registration Number. Read More


What are the procedures for getting an Equipment authorization for Part 90 subpart M and Part 95 Subpart L devices using C-V2X systems for named entities under a waiver?


The Attachment, 511808 D01 C-V2X Waiver v01, below provides administrative and technical guidance for the specific grantees named below to obtain a grant of certifications under Part 2 subpart J. Waiver: FCC DA 23-343 and modified by DA 23-586… Read More


What are the RF exposure requirements and procedures for mobile and portable devices?


Mobile and portable device RF exposure and equipment authorization requirements are found in 47 CFR Sections 1.1307, 2.1091, and 2.1093… Read More

FCC KDB Publication

KDB 987594 D01 v02r02 update

关于KDB 987594 D01 v02r02更新后的注意事项

FCC published KDB 987594 D01 v02r02 on August 22, 2023.

v02r02 clarifies the previous change notice of 08/09/2023: change for clarification: “indoor access points in the 5.925–7.125 are permitted in large aircraft while flying above 10,000 feet to “indoor access points in the 5.925-6.425 are permitted in large aircraft while flying above 10,000 feet “.

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