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Federal Communications Commission

RULES: References to Standards Related to the Commission’s Equipment Authorization Program 67108–67116 [2023–20711]

SUMMARY: In this document, the Federal Communications Commission updates the rules to incorporate four new and updated standards that are integral to equipment testing. By updating the Commission’s rules to keep pace with significant developments in the standards-setting community, the Commission ensures that the equipment authorization program relies on the latest guidance so that the public has confidence that today’s advanced devices comply with its technical rules.

DATES: This regulation is effective October 30, 2023. The incorporation by reference of certain publications listed in the rule is approved by the Director of the Federal Register as of October 30, 2023.

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FCC Questions and Answers:


Question: What devices require FCC guidance prior to a TCB issuing a grant of equipment authorization, and what are the procedures to obtain this guidance? View Answer

Question: What is the equipment authorization guidance for Wireless Power Transfer Devices under Part 15 or Part 18. View Answer

Question: What is the FCC guidance for equipment authorization of transmitter module devices, and equipment that incorporates transmitter modules? View Answer

Question: What web services are available for accessing data in the FCC Laboratory Equipment Authorization System? View Answer

Question: What is the FCC?s policy permitting the referencing of test data from another equipment authorization application? View Answer

FCC Publications:

388624 D02 Pre-Approval Guidance List v18r05
10/23/2023: 388624 D02 Pre-Approval Guidance List v18r04 replaces 388624 D02 Pre-Approval Guidance List v18r03. PAG items UNIDFS have been removed, RDR255 modified to reflect a rule change as amendment by FCC 23-35. Note: HAC5GS when removed (Scheduled end Q1 2024) the interim procedure will not be permitted. 10/24/2023: 388624 D02 Pre-Approval Guidance List v18r05 replaces 388624 D02 Pre-Approval Guidance List v18r04. PAG Item WTPAPP gas been removed.

680106 D01 Wireless Power Transfer v04
10/24/2023: D01 RF Exposure Wireless Charging Apps v04 replaces 680106 D01 RF Exposure Wireless Charging Apps v03. Introduced many editorial changes, guidance for test compliance, and provisions for for WPT at a distance”.

996369 D01 Module Certification Guide
v03996369 D02 Module Q&A v02
Change Notice: 10/23/2023: 996369 D02 Module Q and A v01 has been changed to 996369 D02 Module Q and A v02. Editorial changes have been made to the overall document; and Q&A 11 has been modified to provide clarification on the procedures, Q12 and Q13 have been rewritten.

953436 D01 OET Laboratory Services API v03
10/23/2023: 953436 D01 OET Laboratory Services API v03 replaces 953436 D01 OET Laboratory Services API v02. Changes to the document include the following: Added information on method call getAFCAuthorizations for 6SD Standard Power Access Points and 6FC for Fixed Client devices authorized under CFR 47 Part 15 Subpart E. Added links to KDB publication numbers and other minor non substantial text cleanup.

484596 D01 Referencing Test Data v02
CHANGE NOTICE 10/23/2023: 484596 D01 Referencing Test Data v02 replaces 484596 D01 Referencing Test Data v01. Changes to the document include the following items: − Introduced extended provision for both EMC and RF Exposure data referencing (incorporating previous Guidance provided at the TCBC Workshops dated October 2020, and April 2021) − Provided new guidance based on the ECR KDB Inquiry Procedure − Added examples to illustrate possible scenarios.

FCC News Release: Expanding the Unlicensed Use of 6GHz Spectrum

FCC发布新消息: 将允许极低功率的unlicensed设备使用6GHz频谱。

On September 28th FCC distributed a News Release from Chairwoman Rosenworcel regarding Very Low Power Devices in the 6GHz Spectrum (DOC-397285A1.pdf )

The FCC Open Meeting for October 19th included the item for Unlicensed Use of the 6 GHz Band. The following links will access the FCC Fact Sheet and the Draft Second Report and Order (R&O), Second Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) regarding the Unlicensed Use of the 6 GHz Band

The Report and Order will expand unlicensed use of the 6 GHz band by permitting very low-power devices in the 5.925-6.425 GHz and 6.525-6.875 GHz sub-bands while ensuring that the licensed services operating in the spectrum continue to thrive. The Further Notice proposes to expand very low-power device operations to the remainder of the band. It also proposes to permit very low-power devices to operate at increased power with the use of a geofencing system. The Memorandum Opinion and Order addresses a remand from a court challenge of the 6 GHz low-power indoor rules stemming from assertions of interference in the 2.4 GHz band from unlicensed devices.

The FCC also released an item titled: FCC PERMITS VERY LOW POWER DEVICE OPERATIONS IN 6 GHz BAND: DOC-397829A1.pdf (fcc.gov)

European Commission Amending Regulation Deferring the Application of RED Article 3(3)(def)

The following European Commission amending regulation that was published on Oct. 27, 2023, in the OJEU:

This amending Regulation delays the application of articles 3(3)(d), (e) & (f) to the defined classes of radio equipment until 1 August 2025 to allow CEN & CENELEC time to produce Harmonised Standards of high quality. It also corrects the definition of the class of equipment which has to meet the essential requirement in article 3(3)(e).

The New List of Harmonized Standards for the RED 2014/53/EU

The latest Commission Decision on harmonised standards in support of the Radio Equipment Directive was published in the EU’s Official Journal


Summary list of the full list of harmonized standards (PDF)