Wireless Approvals Workshop

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Regulatory Compliance for Radio Enabled Equipment
USA FCC – ISED Canada – MIC Japan – RED EU

Training Sessions:

Comprehensive instruction for Wireless, RF, Regulatory and Testing engineers at the following locations:

6 and 7 March 2019: Copenhagen, Denmark
5 and 6 June 2019: Milan, Italy

Deals are available for early bookings and group bookings

The Workshop:

We are pleased to announce that ACB continues to run its training seminars in Europe for anyone involved with compliance and certification of radio equipment, or devices containing radio modules.

Join ACB for a comprehensive overview of compliance, testing, methods and requirements for EMC and Radio Regulations. The seminars will cover methods of evaluation and certification requirements for equipment with demands for EMC and radio compliance, with specific focus on radio regulation compliance.

As with previous years, ACB will re-visit the basic fundamental requirements for product compliance and certification in the primary areas of focus; the USA, Canada, Europe and Japan.

In addition, we will introduce and explain some important changes that have happened and continue to evolve in our industry at this time.

Many things have changed in our industry since our last seminars in 2015.


Michael Derby

Michael Derby
Director, ACB Europe

Pieter Robben

Pieter Robben
Senior Review Engineer, ACB Europe

Important topics will include:

  • Understand the approvals routes available in each region and the best solutions

  • The latest FCC, Industry Canada and Japanese MIC Rules and Regulations

  •  Understand the requirements of the European Radio Equipment Directive (RED) Understand the test requirements and applicability of test results

  • Learn about testing and reporting for the purpose of regulatory compliance

  • Discuss projects and compliance issues in a dynamic workshop environment

  • Interact and exchange with your colleagues in the industry

  • Hear from the experts on compliance processes and interpretations

  • Modular Approvals and the integration of modules into host equipment

  • Recent changes to the FCC and ISED rules which affect manufacturers, test labs and TCBs

  • Making changes or updates to products already on the market

  • Assessing multiple devices or product families together

  • Test reporting, test report reduction and test reduction

  • Creating of technical documentation files, including risk assessment and DoC

  • Assessment of radio modules

  • Integration of radio modules into other equipment

  • Applications to certification bodies and Notified Bodies

For more information about the agenda and content of the workshops, location, dates and attendance, please contact Michael Derby at the following e-mail address:

Why Attend?

Join us if you have any involvement in: organizing, testing, managing or consulting in the compliance industry. The workshop will cover regulatory approvals for electronic and radio devices.

The Workshop will review the compliance process and examine each step in detail, making it suitable and valuable for complete beginners or seasoned, experienced certification professionals.

We focus on the most important topics which face the industry today, such as the integration of radio modules; critical to many manufacturers today, especially in the M2M and IoT industry. We explore the limitations of permitted changes and modifications to certified equipment and the complexities of product families of multiple models and the combination of co-located radio devices.

ACB is one of the world’s most active Wireless Certification Bodies. We understand product compliance and certification, and have a clear insight into the most important topics for the industry. We know how to avoid mistakes during approvals for wireless devices. We will explain the authorization processes and how to get products to market as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In addition to the regulatory compliance administrative processes, we cover testing requirements and permitted test methods. This topic is important for test labs, manufacturers and consultants. Understanding the applicable test requirements and the correct application of those tests affects everyone in the compliance chain. This is important for our test lab visitors and is essential learning for the manufacturers who are ultimately responsible for the accuracy and applicability of the test results.

Our workshops have become famous for their ‘question and answer’ sessions where attendee questions are resolved to find a solution, including guidance on to find the answers to such questions yourselves. Register early to submit questions and influence the workshop agenda.

The interactive environment of the ACB seminars, presented by some of the industry’s best known experts, is what sets us apart from the other seminars available. This is not simply a marketing presentation of information, this is genuine training on some of the most misunderstood topics.

The information learned at this seminar will progress your career whilst saving your company time and money in testing, certification and important product time to market benefits.

Who Should Attend

Engineers, program managers, test technicians, regulatory personnel and compliance managers working in EMC, Radio and telecommunications testing and Regulatory Compliance for North America, Europe, Japan and elsewhere around the World.

In addition to the compliance and certification requirements; test engineers, design and development engineers and technicians will benefit from receiving instruction on test methodology from the experts.

As the only independent TCB, we are pleased to provide testing and compliance training for test labs and compliance specialists. The level of attendance by new and experienced EMC and Radio test labs at our seminars shows the industry appreciation for this training and provides interesting, enjoyable and stimulating debates.

Previous year seminars have seen attendance by many of the leading companies involved in the testing and compliance industry. Make sure that you and your company is part of this compliance event; not conspicuous by your absence.


6 and 7 March 2019:

EKTOS Testing & Reliability Services
A. C. Meyers Vænge 15
2450 Copenhagen SV

5 and 6 June 2019:

IMQ Laboratory; with guests Rohde & Schwarz
Via Quintiliano 43
20138 Milan


Fees are for two full days of educational instruction
Meals and refreshments are included
All fees are quoted in Euros

Milan Attendance, bookings made on, or after 26th April 2019:
€ 595 per person

Early Bird Discount
Milan Attendance, bookings made before 26th April 2019: € 495 per person

Group Bookings
Discounted fees are available for two or more bookings from the same organization Second and subsequent attendees: 20% discount

Registration and full payment is required to attend this event.
Contact us at to register.


Michael Derby is a senior regulatory review engineer and Director of ACB Europe. He is a TCB for the FCC, an FCB for Industry Canada, a CB for OFCA Hong Kong, and a Notified Body for the EMC and RE Directives (EMCD & RED). Michael is presently the Vice- Chairman of the TCB Council Board of Directors, having served two full terms as Chairman. He is an active member of the REDCA. Michael is responsible for ACB’s training activities, including webinars and seminar workshops. In addition, he is the secretary of the EMC Test Lab Association. Michael’s past experience includes product development, testing and certification for test laboratories and manufacturers; spanning an involvement in our industry of more than 30 years. Michael provides worldwide services to our global customers from his office in the Hampshire area of the UK.

Pieter Robben is a senior regulatory review engineer at ACB Europe. He is a TCB for the FCC, an FCB for Industry Canada, an RCB for Japan and a Notified Body for the EMC and RE Directives (EMCD & RED). Pieter’s experience as a Notified Body and Certification Body is a potent part of our Certification team. Pieter has been reviewing FCC applications since before the TCB program was created. He is well known in the European community as a past chairman of the REDCA. Pieter has been working with MIC matters since the inauguration of the Japan-EU Mutual Recognition Arrangement. Pieter’s past experience includes EMC, Radio and Safety testing and certification for test laboratories and manufacturers. He has been in the industry for more than 25 years. Pieter provides worldwide services to our global customers from his office in the Groningen area of the Netherlands.

Seminar Partners and Hosts

EKTOS Testing & Reliability Services:
EKTOS Testing & Reliability Services (EKTOS TRS) was founded in 2007 as a daughter company within the EKTOS group. EKTOS TRS runs two accredited test laboratories in Denmark where we help our clients on the way to regulatory compliance by offering flexible testing services. We can, for example, help with CE-marking for the EU, FCC and IC certifications for North America, and VCCI certification for Japan. The EKTOS group is known as a professional electronics consultancy that can support clients from the early phases of product development, through production of prototypes, to testing and certification; or we can handle any of the tasks separately. Our experienced engineers and project managers in Denmark and Ukraine have developed electronics solutions for large and small companies worldwide. The EKTOS group consists of two laboratories in Ukraine and three in Denmark.

IMQ is a company of the IMQ GROUP. IMQ is an important Italian certification body, a European leader in conformity assessment and laboratory testing of electric, electronic, radio, medical, gas and renewable energy products. It provides companies with the necessary tools to enhance product safety and compliance with applicable regulations, company systems quality, technical systems conformity and building efficiency as well as operations sustainability. IMQ is accredited by ACCREDIA (member of EA, IAF and ILAC) as a certification body (product quality management systems, personnel), test laboratory, calibration centre and inspection body of type A for photovoltaic installations. IMQ can help manufacturers with FCC and ISED tests and certifications for North America or VCCI test and certification for Japan. IMQ is a Notified body for main European directives including EMC, RED and EETS and also a Notified Body by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development for inspections on electric installations and lifts.;

Rohde & Schwarz:
Rohde & Schwarz has stood for quality and innovation in test and measurement, broadcasting, secure communications as well as radio monitoring and radiolocation for more than 75 years. By pursuing this four-pillar strategy, the company addresses customers from various market segments: wireless communications, broadcasting, electronics; as well as government authorities and organizations with security missions. The electronics group, with its headquarters in Munich, Germany, counts among the leading suppliers worldwide in all of its business fields. Rohde & Schwarz is a leading manufacturer of EMC test and measurement equipment as well as terrestrial TV transmitters.

Registration and full payment is required to attend this event. Contact us at to register.

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