ACB and DLS Electronic System hosted a successful two-day comprehensive program for wireless regulatory engineers in Chicago. Several dozen wireless test practitioners attended the lively session, which focused on putting devices on the market in the US, Canad, the EU and Japan. Our test and review experts shared practical and regulatory information with the industry leaders in the wireless community.

Jack Black of DLS stated “This seminar, this cooperation, is the way for our team to share necessary information to gain approvals for market access across the globe. We help our customers succeed in a technically challenging industry. We are, with ACB, market leaders in testing and Certification.”

Jennifer Sanchez of ACB related her interaction with the audience: “We had many great questions and interchange about the complexity of the wireless approvals regimen. The attendees focused on getting the process right, the first time, for faster approvals and a positive outcome.”

Jack, Jennifer, Greg Czumak and Bill Stumpf provided a direct and practical education for our industry and for our valued clients. Greg is our senior reviewer at ACB, with 30 years of experience in wireless regulatory affairs. Bill oversees hundreds of test and certification activities at DLS, a leader in the Test and Measurement community for forty+years.

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