Under the FCC’s Rules, electronic equipment must meet emissions limitations of FCC Part 15B. These limits are for unintentional emissions from electronic devices, such as from microprocessors and digital equipment.

The new Rules merge two previous compliance processes called Verification and Declaration of Conformity. A single process now exists called Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity or “SDoC.”

Mobile phones, WiFi, WLAN, notebook computers and tablet computers are a combination of radio transmitters that require certification and unintentional digital circuitry requiring use of the SDoC procedure. To comply with SDoC requirements, a manufacturer must perform the necessary tests for unintentional emissions and document the results in a test report. However, the testing can be performed at any capable laboratory; it is not necessary to have accreditation at the laboratory.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

The FCC warning statement must still be on the label or provided with literature provided to the consumer.


Certification is still allowed

Devices subject to SDoC have the option to have the device certified. In such cases, all rules for certification will apply to that device.

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