Throwback Thursday

Mike Violette

This throwback to the Middle Kingdom reaches back nearly a dozen years. 

To say that things have evolved is an insufficient use of words.

What I thought were highway pylons marching through the countryside turned out to be the foundations of the high speed rail (literally “high iron”). The system has grown to 10,000 miles of deftly-engineered transportation services that whisks along at a crisp 300+ km per hour.

Anyway, we’re visiting Liaoning Province on this trip, checking out a northeast part of China, which abuts North Korea and Inner Mongolia.

Slogging Through Asia: Iron City and Beijing

Mike Violette

Genghis Khan pushed through Manchuria in 1216 after subduing the besieged Jin dynasty holed up in the walled capital of Beijing. The Mongolian self-made man and “Son of Heaven” would eventually rule the northern part of Modern China from what is now Korea, west to the Caspian Sea, crushing and consolidating cities and villages across steppes, rivers, desert, mountains and oceans of grass. The great Khan’s tactics were brutal and sweeping as the kingdom swallowed up land and whole populations, often leaving them less for wear.

Apparently, he also spread his genetic code far and wide.

And, if you’re inclined to click more, we explore a bit about “Indigenous Innovation”, a theme that was just beginning to emerge.

Be well.