Throwback Thursday

Mike Violette

Hello Friends,

Sharing excerpts from a letter to a buddy a few years back and looking forward (hopefully soon) to seeing how our friends in Vietnam and Korea are faring.

I’m sure that Monkey Mountain (So’n Trà) is still beautiful, white fog rolling off her green shoulders to caress the sands of sunny China Beach.

Be well,


Asia Spring

April 2012

Dear Brad,

Here are a few updates from abroad

Ho Chi Minh City 

Whole blocks of Saigon are being vacuumed away, replaced with Gucci and Burberry stores. Meanwhile, Vietnam’s economy pulses along and the streets are as fizzy as ever. 

Vietnam’s growth over the last decades has been remarkable; what were dirt sidewalks stretching along the road from the airport to downtown are now trim concrete and brick. Development continues apace. Even so, as we map out our continuing strategy to find a foothold in the busy commerce of Vietnam, the trade press paints conflicting news about the health of the local economy.  View More