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File Name File Size
-Offical-Fed-Register-Notice-5ghz-UNII-Changes.pdf 193 KB
0606-fcc-public-notice-DA-06-1215A1.pdf 124 KB
2007-02_rttemsreport_srd.pdf 151 KB
A1-Certification-Agreement-Terms-and-Conditions.pdf 59 KB
ACB-Application-Checklist.doc 264 KB
ACB-credit-card-payment-form.doc 38 KB
ACB-Form-731.doc 554 KB
ACB-Form-FCC-Application-Letters.doc 50 KB
ACB-Form-FCC-Application-Letters.docx 26 KB
ACB-Form-IC-Application-Letters.doc 186 KB
ACB-HK-Application-Letters.doc 118 KB
ACB-IC-Application-Form-Letters-Authority-Letter.doc 45 KB
ACB-IC-Application-Form-Letters-Canadian-Rep-Letter.doc 34 KB
ACB-IC-Application-Form-Letters-Confidentiality-Letter.doc 28 KB
ACB-IC-Application-Form-Letters-RSP-100-Annex-D-Only.doc 62 KB
ACB-IC-Application-Form-Letters-RSS-102.doc 158 KB
ACB-IC-Application-Form-Letters.doc 180 KB
ACB-IC-Application-Form.doc 362 KB
ACB-IC-Test-Report-Cover-Sheet.doc 406 KB
ACB-NB-Application-Form-Letters-NB-Authority-Letter.doc 46 KB
ACB-NB-REDAPP201453.doc 519 KB
ACB-Notified-Body-EMCAPP201430-160418V1-ACB-Notified-Body-EU-type-examination-certification-application-form.doc 103 KB
ACB-Review-Policy-And-Procedure.pdf 31 KB
ATCB CAB 2004.pdf 396 KB
Australian-EMC-Requirements.pdf 1,256 KB
China_EU_Presentation_December_7_2003.ppt 737 KB
DC01e-issue-4-March-2010.pdf 209 KB
ERC_Report-25-European-Frequency-Allocations.pdf 2,232 KB
example-DFS-passive-scan-letter.pdf 725 KB
Example-of-declaration-of-conformity(DoC).pdf 370 KB
fcc-03-287a1-UNII-Changes.pdf 332 KB
FCC-05-42A1-UNII-Extension-Announcment.pdf 122 KB
FCC-06-96A1.pdf 624 KB
FCC-Form-740.pdf 35 KB
FCC-NEWS-DOC-253125A1final-101404.pdf 102 KB
FCC-PUBLIC-NOTICE-DA-04-2253A1-1-101204.pdf 92 KB
FCC-Regulations-ATCB.ppt 3,700 KB
Industry-Canada-Certification-Summary.pdf 20 KB
itu-r-ghz-allocations-and-requirements.doc 74 KB
Japan-market-entry2k-eng.pdf 255 KB
KDB 610077 Post Market Surv D01 V05 R01 072210.pdf 49 KB
Memo-Short-Term-Vs-Standard-Confidentiality.pdf 352 KB
Memorandum-Regarding-FCC-and-ISED-Labeling-Format.pdf 2,108 KB
Memorandum-Regarding-FCC-Grantee-Code-ISED-CN-Codes.pdf 391 KB
Memorandum-Regarding-Grantee-Code-Changes-FCC.pdf 348 KB
NOTICE-2012-DRS0126_Receiver.pdf 13 KB
PN-OET-Clarified-Emission-Mask-Measurements-for-DTV-Transmitters.doc 50 KB
Radiation Hazards from Transmitters.doc 40 KB
SAR-Reminder-Sheet.doc 72 KB
TCB DFS Q&A w_FCC.doc 33 KB
TCB DFS Q&A w_FCC.pdf 17 KB
TCBC-Policy-080404.pdf 45 KB
wrc-pdd-resolutions.doc 53 KB


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