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TCB Training Presentation documents

Presentation documents from the 2014 FCC/TCB training sessions. View photos here.

Please take note of file sizes. Large documents may take a moment to open and download.

File Name File Size
2014-04-07-01 Welcome.pptx 0.13 MB
2014-04-07-02 WirelessRegulationsPresentationVTMay_1.pptx 21.00 MB
2014-04-07-03a Navigating the FCC online resources DRAFT (AL & CH).ppt 0.90 MB
2014-04-07-03c KDB and Authorization Search Database r0.pdf 17.52 MB
2014-04-07-05 TCBC April 2014 Beginner Training_Roadmap for the TCB Certification Program_mbmm_4042014.pptx 0.17 MB
2014-04-07-06 TCBC April 2014 Beginner Training Test Procedures DRAFT v1.pptx 0.25 MB
2014-04-07-06a REFERENCE Presentation FCC Steve Dayhoff Licensed Devices Overview.ppt 0.59 MB
2014-04-07-07 How To Review and Application (example rev2).pptx 0.76 MB
2014-04-07-08 ACB - Module Fundamentals - April 2014.pptx 0.48 MB
2014-04-07-09 Networking in the TCBC_MMaynard_4042014.ppt 4.84 MB
2014-04-08-02TCB Meeting Presentation NIST.ppt 1.14 MB
2014-04-08-03a IC 1a Regulatory Standards Update - HN.pdf 0.42 MB
2014-04-08-03b IC 1b RF Exposure Requirements - HN.pdf 0.43 MB
2014-04-08-03c IC 1c E-labelling - HN.pdf 0.35 MB
2014-04-08-04 - IC Certification updates - DesMarais_final.pdf 1.11 MB
2014-04-08-05 0.1 FCC TCB Workshop Overview 040814 - RD .pdf 0.17 MB
2014-04-08-06 1.1 Signal_Boosters_April_2014 - SKJ.pdf 0.47 MB
2014-04-08-07 1.2 Boosters Policy 2014-04 v1c1 - TH .pdf 0.74 MB
2014-04-08-08 2.0 LPR Section 15.256 - TP.pdf 0.19 MB
2014-04-08-09 3.1 Sleeve and WPT Slides APR2014 v2 TCB - TT.pdf 0.34 MB
2014-04-08-10 3.2 KDB 248227 802.11 Proposal TCB Slides - KC.pdf 1.44 MB
2014-04-08-11 3.3 April 2014 RF Exposure TCB Slides - KC.pdf 0.56 MB
2014-04-09-01 4.0 FCC TCB Workshop Admin Overview 040914 - RD .pdf 0.21 MB
2014-04-09-02 4.1 Equipment Authorization Admin - MN GT.pdf 0.66 MB
2014-04-09-03 5.1 5GHz First R&O TCB April 09, 2014 _4 - AW.pdf 0.68 MB
2014-04-09-04 5.2 DFS Supplemental Information - RD.pdf 0.26 MB
2014-04-09-05 6.1 Software Configurations Discussions - RD .pdf 0.50 MB
2014-04-09-06 6.2 Part 80 DSC Update v1.0 - AL.pdf 0.34 MB
2014-04-09-07 ACB - EN 300 328 - Michael Derby - 9 April 2014 - v2.ppt 0.88 MB
2014-04-09-08 Block Diagram, Op Desc, Tune-Up, TD REV1.pdf 1.64 MB
2014-04-09-09 ACB - 2014 MIC MRA Workshop Update.pptx 0.40 MB
2014-04-09-10 ACB - Radio Equipment Directive - Michael Derby - 9 April 2014.ppt 0.52 MB
2014-04-09-11 PCS_TCBC_Slides_Complete_Presentation_FINAL_COPY_07-APR-14.ppt 1.51 MB
2014-04-09-12 C63 Overview April 2014.ppt 1.56 MB
2014-04-10-01 TCB Council - KDB Sharing - April 2014.ppt 0.35 MB
2014-04-10-02 Update on Fast SAR Techniques and IEC 62209-3-final.pdf 0.82 MB
2014-04-10-03 TCB Council Regulatory Compliance in the Cloud.pdf 2.26 MB
2014-04-10-04 TCBC 2014.04.10 New Technologies.pptx 1.46 MB
2014-04-10-05 DMW TCB Mtg Balt April 10-2014 V1.4.ppt 4.44 MB
2014-04-10-06 Presentation_China Certification Processes.pptx 1.49 MB
2014-04-10-07 China SRRC Modular PPT (TCB Workshop 2014)_MM_edits.pdf 0.22 MB
2014-04-10-08 IEEE-SA ICAP TCBC Presentation.pdf 1.93 MB
2014-04-10-09 TIA eLabeling Presentation for Apr 2014 TCBC Workshop v4.pptx 0.63 MB
2014-04-11-01 April ISOIEC17065 TrainingTCB ANSIR1.pdf 1.04 MB
2014-04-11-03 A2LA - April 2014 TCBC Presentation on 17065.ppt 1.00 MB
Agenda April 2014 3-day rev 04-05-2014.pdf 0.04 MB
Agenda April 2014 Beginner Training 04-05-2014.pdf 0.03 MB
Agenda April 2014 ISO 17065 Training final.pdf 0.03 MB

Photos from the TCB/FCC training

TCB Training
Cucy Lihua Zhao Gives a Presentation on China Approvals
TCB Training TCB Training
Pieter Robben
TCB Training TCB Training
Michael Derby, Chair TCBC Addresses the Gathered
TCB Training
Tim Dwyer Does TCB Bootcamp
TCB Training TCB Training
Ravi Subramaniam
TCB Training
Ravi Subramanian on IEEE ISTO
TCB Training TCB Training
Mitchell Lazarus on New Technologies
TCB Training TCB Training
Marlene Moore
TCB Training
Kathryn Rogan Provides International Updates
TCB Training TCB Training
Gordon Hurst Talks about the Cloud
TCB Training ISO 17065 Panel
Adam Gouker, Mike Buzard, Susan Holman and Marlene Moore on ISO 17065 Panel
TCB Training TCB Training TCB Training TCB Training TCB Training
Nathalie Rioux, Steve Koster, Ramona Saar of NIST
TCB Training TCB Training TCB Training
Mark Maynard Dispenses Some Wisdom
TCB Training TCB Training TCB Training
Don Witters Talks Medical Devices & Wireless
TCB Training TCB Training
Chris Harvey Gives the Sessions the Thumbs Up!
TCB Training
Brian Scarpelli Presents on e-Labeling
TCB Training
Art Wall Gives an Update on C63 Standards Activities

Speakers (in order of appearance)
Chris Harvey, TCB Council
Mike Violette, ACB & Washington Labs
Anne Liang, Broadcomm
Tim Dwyer, Quasi-Peak Wireless
Mark Briggs, UL
Mark Maynard, SIEMIC
Michael Derby, ACB
Ramona Saar, NIST
Hughes Nappert, IC
Nicolas Desmarais, IC
Steve Jones, FCC
Tim Harrington, FCC
Tom Phillips, FCC
Travis Thul, FCC
Rashmi Doshhi, FCC
Kwok Chan, FCC
Mark Neumann, FCC
George Tanahill, FCC
Aole Wilkins, FCC
Jim Szeliga, FCC
Andy Liemer, FCC
Pieter Robben, ACB
Dave Robinson, PCS
Kathryn Rogan, PCS
Matthias Meier, ART-FI
Gordon Hurst, MiCOM
Mitchell Lazarus, Fletcher, Heald and Hildreth
Art Wall, TCB Council
Don Witters, FDA
Cucy Lihua Zhao, ACB
Snell Leong, SIEMIC
Ravi Subramanian, IEEE ISTO Brian Scarpelli, TIA TPRC

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