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Product Testing and Certification Q&A

Regulatory Updates for Engineers in the Wireless Industry

Packets Certification and Regulatory Approval updates and newsProviding information and fielding questions for wireless manufacturers are some of the many activities that we perform at ACB. Packets provides an overview of just a small portion of the communiqués that run in and out of our office.

Typical topics include ISED Certification, FCC rules and FCC Testing to Regulatory Compliance, EU/RED Notified Body and CE Mark questions, Japan Approvals, and International Type Approvals.


Please note that the following represents, in most cases, technical opinions with justification in Regulatory Agency Requirements, the particulars of the product must be considered. Thus, we welcome a call or email if you have any special needs or questions.

Issue linkTopics

RSS-123, Issue 4, Licensed Wireless Microphones, RSS-181, Issue 2, Coast and Ship Station Equipment Operating in the Maritime Service in the Frequency Range 1605-28000 kHz, cable loss


Change to authorisation for receivers in the band 30 MHz to 960 MHz, ISED Decisions on New Requirements for Wireless Device Testing Laboratories, ACB Seminars in Europe


Radio Standards Specification RSS-130, Issue 2, Radio Standards Specification RSS-196, Issue 2, CANADA: Decision on New requirements for Wireless Device Testing Laboratories


What types of devices are considered to be “hand held” under Section 15.519? CANADA: Decision on New requirements for Wireless Device Testing Laboratories


What measurement procedures should be used for compliance testing of a FM transmitter operating under Section 15.239 and designed to use a vehicle's wiring as a transmitting antenna?


484596 D01 Referencing Test Data v01 Guidance for explanations submitted for reference EMC test data is as follows.

Please note that this is a reminder that your Testing Laboratory must be recognized by ISED before March 15, 2019.


What rules regulate short distance wireless inductive coupled charging pads or charging devices?

What are the requirements for approving a different antenna with an approved modular transmitter?


We originally certified our licensed radio in continuous wave (CW) mode without modulation. We now want to add modulation via hardware that was in place at the time of the original certification. Can this be done via a Class II permissive change?

What are the requirements for using already certified transmitters inside an enclosure, or inside another device, without having to re-certify the entire enclosure or device under a new FCC ID?


What compliance information should be included with an application for certification?

What are the test procedures for measuring Digital Transmission System (DTS) devices subject to the requirements in Section 15.247?


May a monopole (rod) antenna be used for performing radiated emission measurements below 30 MHz to meet the FCC and ISED requirements?

New lists of harmonized standards for the EMC Directive 2014/30/EU and RED 2014/53/ EU

Is placement of the FCC logo on my product required when using the SDoC procedure?


What rules regulate short distance wireless inductive coupled charging pads or charging devices?

For SDoC, is it necessary to have my product tested at an FCC-recognized accredited testing laboratory?

What is the Commission guidance for the evaluation of Signal Boosters?


If a composite device is subject to both the certification and SDoC, what SDoC compliance information is required to be submitted with the certification application filing?

What are the requirements for approving a different antenna with an approved modular transmitter?


Did the FCC specify a class of equipment to which the new SDoC rules apply?

What types of devices are considered to be “hand held” under Section 15.519?

For SDoC, is it necessary to have my product tested at an FCC-recognized accredited testing laboratory?

What is Wi-Fi calling, and what is the reference level that should be used for compliance testing referenced in Appendix B of KDB Publication 285076 D01 and in KDB Publication 285076 D02?


ISED Interference-Causing Equipment Standard

New harmonised standards under the RED OJ

new entry in the MRA Workspace

ISED Radio Standards Specification, RSS-251, Issue 2, ISED Radio Standards Specification, RSS-220, Issue 1


What technical characteristics must be measured to demonstrate ultrawideband (UWB) device compliance to the applicable requirements specified in Part 15 Subpart F?

FCC Part 15.249, EU RED Harmonized Standards Listing Update, KDB865664 SAR System Validation data


If the FCC requests a test sample of our certified device for auditing purposes, what should we be prepared to provide?

FCC Part 15 transmitter, PMN, RF Exposure evaluation


Is it acceptable to use the torso simulator and tissue-equivalent material previously specified in Part 95 rules for testing of MedRadio transmitters in cardiac pacemaker and defibrillator implants?

What are the test procedures for measuring U-NII devices subject to the requirements in Part 15, Subpart E?

New harmonised standards under the RED OJ

What are the restrictions for certification of a transmitter that can operate under multiple rule parts?


Within the RED, what is the meaning of the statement "equipment can operate in at least one Member State"?

When will the new FCC Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity be effective, and how do we identify the Responsible Party?


What is the Commission guidance for the evaluation of Signal Boosters?

What are the procedures for compliance measurement for the fundamental emission power for licensed wideband (> 1 MHz) digital transmission systems?


The FCC Has Released a new “Report And Order” to Streamline Approvals. How are U-NII modules with DFS and radar detection capability handled?

What are the equipment authorization requirements for hearing aid compatibility of mobile handsets?


2017 International Wireless Certification Conference, Radio Standards Specification RSS-247, What is a Grantee Code


Implementing Regulation EU 2017/1354, EN 301 893 V2.1.1, ETSI EN 301 428 V2.1.2


Radio Standard Specification RSS-131, ETSI EN 303 413 V1.1.1, ETSI EN 301 357 V2.1.1, ETSI EN 301 428 V2.1.2


KDB 248227 D01 802 11 Wi-Fi SAR v02r02, 178919 D01 Permissive Change Policy v06, ETSI EN 301 893 V2.1.1, ETSI EN 301 908-3 V11.1.3, ETSI EN 300 440 V2.1.1, EN 300 440 V2.1.1

2017 March

RSS-247 issue2 - list of changes, Important Laboratory Accreditation News, SPR-002, RSS-131, Training Seminar

2017 February

Transition period for RSS-210 issue 9, SAR System Validation data required by KDB865664, PMN, HVIN, FVIN, HMN

2017 January

Testing licensed devices, RSS-131, Equipment classes are defined by Article 4.1 of the R&TTE Directive, Under the RED, do our Class 2 products require the alert sign on the packaging?

2016 December

What has changed since the R&TTED, RED and LVD, certification and Declaration of Conformity, the FCC released new guidance

2016 November

2.948-listed test facilities/laboratories, to qualify as a stand-alone module, Electromagnetic compatibility and Radio spectrum Matters, Modular Approvals, SAR Testing Guidance

2016 October

Internet of Things Regulations and Requirements for Appliance Manufacturers, A TCF designator is required for Notified Body request, transition period for RSS-210 issue 9

2016 August

What are the Test Data Reuse Policies?, What are the Frequency Range of Radiated Measurements?, New lists of harmonized standards, FCC grantee code

2016 July

Transition period for laboratories recognized under FCC part 2.948, new Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

2016 June

Test requirements for Class II permissive change, Short-Term Confidentiality, FCC Enforcement, Body SAR testing for a device

2016 May

ISED PMN, Carrier Aggregation, FCC KDB's, U-NII

2016 Apr

ISED, R&TTE, ANSI C63.4-2014, Part 15 intentional and unintentional radiators compliance testing, FCC KDB, RSS-102 Issue5, SAR test reduction procedure, Carrier Aggregation Explained

2016 Mar

New testing standard, ANSI C63.26-2015, 178919 D01 Permissive Change Policy, listing SAR values in user manuals, Software Security Requirements for U-NII Devices

2016 Feb

RSP-100 issue 11 and DC-01 issue 6, RSS-117 issue 3, RSS-216 issue 2 and ICES-003 issue 6, RSS-GEN Issue 4, U-NII devices, FCC Form 740

2016 Jan

RSS-GEN Issue 4, FCC 15-163A1, 388624 D01 Pre-Approval Guidance Procedure v11r01

2015 Dec

List of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) KDB Procedures for SAR Measurement accepted by Industry Canada

ET Docket No. 15-99 and 15-100 updated rules for part 15 unlicensed and part 74 licensed wireless microphones

2015 Nov

Europe’s Recommendation 70-03 was updated, FCC ET Docket No. 13-44;FCC 14-208 has been published

The first China Certification Conference


Required Documents for Integrated Modular Device in Final Product
MIC Radio Certification Quality System
MIC Bandwidth Measurement
MIC Body SAR Update
CAB Responsibility in Determining Acceptable SAR Test Methods
Body SAR Requirements for Modules


(ACB) Receives Recognition for Japan - Device Certification Services to Japanese Radio Law Now Available


ACB Gains ANSI Accreditation to Japan Radio Standards, IC RF Exposure Annexes, New Official Journal of EMC Directive


ACB Earns EPA ENERGYSTAR® Recognition, KDB 447498, external antenna(s), DoC for the FCC, Part 15


Part 18 measurement, frequency hopping devices in 15.247, radiated emission measurements above 1 GHz, IC SAR Testing Requirements


European Update, new version of REC 70-03 has been released, New R&TTE Directive, CISPR 32 and CISPR 35, ErP and ErP Directives


FCC part 15 B or SAE?, EN 50360, Part 90, obtain a Notified Body opinion, “Canadian Representative” requirements


Integrated antennas, 5150-5250 MHz band, "Composite Device", want to know if this product needs to apply for a FCC ID, Is a wireless keyboard and mouse under DoC or Certification?,


Vietnam Conformity Assessment Conference, FCC freeze applies to Part 74, Part15D DECT, WLAN device with an external antenna


FCC KDB: A “How To” Guide, OEM integrator responsibility, Questions about Part 95,
China/Taiwan DOC testing


Labs must follow accepted test procedures, FCC Annual Surveillance Report, AmericanTCB announces opening of UK Office, Permissive Change Policy, Authorized Individual Policy (Form 731)


TCB Workshop Summary, Cooperative Agreements in China, Certification for New Technologies, Standards Fight Global Warming, Q&A


ACB presents the Touwai China Newsletter


BT headsets, cellular repeater, UPN, L and M masks in Part 90.210, new Radio Standards Specification, RSS-111


Vehicles controlled by PLC systems, 3-Phase contactor and motor causing interference, EMI caused by inductor/capacitance components, Upload Procedure Change Notification


Short-term confidentiality, FCC Part 15 basic issues, Waiver of the HAC rules, Industry Canada Standards


GMRS/ FRS walkie-talkie SAR measurement, Two vendors for 802.11g cards, AMENDMENT OF PART 90, MIMO Systems, Standard updates


FCC Winter Workshop Information, 15C Booster/Antenna Port, KU-BAND FREQUENCIES, U-NII devices in the 5 GHz band


DECT Allowed in US, Michael Powell resigns, Reopening of the 900 MHz Band, Part 90 Narrowbanding


China WLAN standards, New FCC Part 15 rules, 20 Years of FCC Rules, Famous Quotes, New FCC Enforcement Policy


Co-located transmitters, 2.4 GHz PCMCIA SAR Evaluation, RF exposure evaluation, OFDM, 15.407 subpart E, UNII Devices


15.247 PCMCIA cards, 5 GHz Band, testing an OFDM 5GHz Unit, measuring band edges

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Topics typically include compliance questions, device testing, and certification issues such as,

Multiple Antennas for Low Power Device
Methodology for Bandwidth Selection
RF exposure evaluation
SAR evaluation
FCC Rules Changes
Block Edge Requirements

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