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January 2, 2014

ACB Gains Japan Recognition
Can Now Certify Licensed Radios  

McLean, VA - Japan's Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) has approved American Certification Body to certify Licensed Devices for the Japan market. Licensed devices include mobile phones, emergency services radios (public service), base stations and radar equipment. All wireless devices must conform to the Japan Radio Law before they are allowed to be used in Japan.  

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Under the arrangement developed between the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) and MIC, ACB developed procedures and processes to review and certify licensed device. ACB has been certifying unlicensed products for over two years and now can certify an entirely new class of products.

"We are excited to gain this approval and thank NIST ( for its efforts on our behalf. Their efforts are greatly appreciated" said Susan Holman, Quality Assurance Representative. "Our accreditation body, the American National Standards Institute (, provided great support during this process, allowing us to complete the scope expansion efficiently and quickly."

The process for acceptance includes a Joint Committee decision, which is detailed under the 'Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Results of Conformity Assessment Procedures between the United States of America and Japan (US-Japan MRA).'

"The implementation of the Mutual Recognition Agreement allows us to help more manufacturers gain access to the Japan market," said Pieter Robben, ACB Reviewing Engineer in the Netherlands The MRAs do more than help access to markets. "The establishment of MRAs provides great facilitation of technical exchange between participating markets," Mr. Robben added.

The full text of the acceptance and joint decision is here.

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