ACB培训讯息 -- 2017年四月
American Certification Body
Training Seminar
in April 2017

ACB的培训, 旨在提供中国射频及电磁兼容测试工程师, 研发暨法规工程师高质量的交流内容. 今年的培训活动将结合上海电子创新设计大会(EDI CON一起举办.

Our training provides the highest quality education for Chinese test engineers, R&D personnel as well as certification/regulatory professionals in the Wireless/RF and EMC industry. The seminars will be held at EDI CON (Electronic Design Innovation Conference at Shanghai.


Announcing Two Important Training Seminars:

  1. 四月二十五日: 年度法规培训, 讲题以分享RED/FCC/ISED/MIC/ OFCA 基础法规及重大法规更新为主.

    ACB是唯一于业界提供技术培训的公司, 我们针对电子(无线)产业提供重要的国际法规培训. 每年有超过四百个工程师受惠. 今年的法规培训格外重要, 因为美国及欧盟都将有重大的法规更新. 相关培训细节请参考下列附件.

    April 25, 2017: Regulatory Training, focusing on basic knowledge of RED/FCC/ISED/MIC/OFCA rule and current updates to the Regulations.

    ACB provides technical training, unique in the industry. We provide important international regulatory training to the Wireless Industry, with over four hundred professionals joining our seminars each year. This year’s seminar will be extremely significant since there are important updates on American FCC Requirements and the European Radio Equipment Directive (RED). Please refer the following attachments for more details.

  2. 四月二十六日: iNARTE EMC培训. 讲题以协助工程师复习EMC基础及应用知识为主.

    认证对于工程师的事业成长很有帮助. iNARTE提供的业界凭证, 目的就是在提升个人的专业生涯, 不仅可以提高工程师的自信心, 也同时获得业界的肯定. iNARTE的认证范围包含EMC, ESD, Safety, RF, FCC….等项目. iNARTE今年为了扩大服务中国地区, 特别开启会员服务. 中国地区电子专业人才可以藉由加入iNARTE会员的方式, 获得免费或小额费用的专业培训, 并进一步接受引导参加考试, 最终目标是希望工程师们通过专业的系统, 获得认可.

    April 26, 2017: iNARTE EMC Training. The topic will provide EMC fundamental and application to help attendee prepare iNARTE EMC exam.

    Certification will help your career grow. The International Association of Radio and Telecommunication Engineers (iNARTE) provides a credential to advance your professional life, raise engineers’ confidence and gain trust from the industry. iNARTE Certification covers EMC, ESD, EMC Design, Product Safety, RF and FCC. This year, iNARTE is creating membership program to expand the service to Chinese engineers. The registered member will be able to gain free/low cost professional training and furthermore be guided to take iNARTE exam. The goal is to help the engineers get certified through professional system.

相关培训及加入会员讯息, 请参考下列附件.

Please refer to the following attachments for more details.

ACB 2017年四月年度法规培训研讨会 download file
ACB 2017年四月年度法规培训研讨会报名表 download file
Examplar Global iNARTE 中国会员制度新稿 download file
ACB 2017年四月iNARTE 中国会员EMC培训研讨会 download file
ACB 2017年四月iNARTE 中国会员EMC培训研讨会报名表 download file
iNARTE 中国会员申请表 download file
ACB Regulatory Training Seminar in April 2017 download file
Registration Form for ACB Regulatory Training Seminar in April 2017 download file
Announcement of Examplar Global for iNARTE Chinese Membership Program download file
ACB EMC Training Seminar for Chinese iNARTE Member in April 2017 download file
Registration Form for ACB EMC Training Seminar for Chinese iNARTE Member in April 2017 download file
iNARTE Chinese Member Application Form download file

培训场地及名额有限, 报名方式: EDI CON网站注册+ACB报名

  1. 点选”参会代表” 输入个人讯息后, 输入VIP码 “ACB17” 进行验证, 即可获贈價值兩千人民幣之入场卷(证号),憑卷可以自由參加任何一場講座.

  2. 再联系ACB 索取培训报名表

Please register EDI CON on website first and contact ACB for seminar.

  1. Log in on Click on “Conference Delegation”. Fill in individual information and use VIP code “ACB 17” to gain 2000 RMB cost access pass. With the pass you may join any seminar.

  2. Then contact for seminar registration form.

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