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Wireless Certification Conference

2017 International Wireless Certification Conference

November 28-29, 2017 2017年11月28 - 29日
Shanghai, China 中国 上海


We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 2017 International Wireless Certification Conference. The focus of the workshop will include new changes in the FCC Certification Rules and Regulations, including Canada’s Innovation Science and Economic Development (ISED), the European Union’s Radio Equipment Directive (RED). A special feature will be Internet of Things (IoT) topics for wireless and wired devices.

在此我们非常荣幸地诚邀您莅临2017国际无线认证研讨会。此次研讨会将着重涵盖美国FCC,加拿大ISED及欧盟无线电设备指令 (RED) 在法规条例方面的最新动态,同时还有一个特别值得推介的主题,包括有线和无线设备的物联网 (IoT) 发展探讨。

Many changes in standards and requirements challenge the wireless industry. Test methods and techniques are more critical for complex radio products, hence we invite presentations on the following topics:



  • Latest Standards, Regulations and Rule Changes

    • FCC, ISED, Radio Equipment Directive (RED) and Japan MIC

  • Internet of Things

    • Machine-to-Machine M2M Connections

    • Security

    • Compatibility

  • Update on 5G

  • Certification Processes

    • North America, Europe & Asia

  • Accreditation Challenges and Solutions

  • Technology Challenges and Solutions

    • New bands and services

    • The Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G

    • Regulatory and Spectrum Challenges

    • SAR requirements and new test methods

  • 最新的标准,流程及法规更新

    • FCC,ISED,欧盟无线电设备指令 (RED) 及日本 MIC

  • 物联网

    • 机器对机器的连接(M2M)

    • 安全性

    • 兼容性

  • 5G的最新动态

  • 认证流程

    • 北美,欧洲及亚洲

  • 实验室资质认可的挑战及解决方案

  • 技术的挑战及解决方案

    • 新的频段发展

    • 物联网(IoT) 和 5G

    • 法规与频谱挑战

    • SAR 的要求和新的测试方法

The sponsors of the Conference, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), CTTL-Terminals of CAICT and American Certification Body, are recruiting industry professionals to share their experience and expertise with the manufacturing, testing and certification community.

The goal of the workshop is to expand the knowledge base for design, test and certification professionals to maintain the highest standards of practice in the industry.

此次研讨会的主办方,中国信息通信研究院 和American Certification Body, 特邀业界的专家来与各位分享从制造研发,测试到认证领域的宝贵经验及专业知识,旨在提升行业人员的认知水准,立志树立行业一流的风向标。

We hope you can participate in this two-day experience and welcome you to Shanghai!


Renaissance Shanghai Caohejing Hotel
No 397 Tianlin Road, Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Shanghai
Shanghai 200233 China
Hotel Website

中国 上海 漕河泾新兴技术开发区田林路
397 号, 邮编 200233


Fees: Single Day: 500 RMB; Two Day: 950 RMB
Register: email our registration team at


China Academy of Information and Communications Technology.


About CAICT: CAICT is a specialized think-tank for the government, and an innovation and development platform for the industry. CAICT provides strong support to the industry’s major strategies, plans, policies, standards, testing and certification, thus proving itself an important facilitator in the development and innovation of China’s information and communications industry.

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